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Sodi SR5

COMFORT AND STYLE One thing is clear at first glance: the new SR karts are stunning ! The SR series, with a modern style, racing & one of a kind, are the new generation in the karting design. It has SODIKART written all over it! The engineers and designers of the Research & Development department at SODIKART managed this challenge : create a high quality kart, safe, reliable, efficient, innovative and above all one of a kind. The go kart model SR5 is an upgrade of the famous GT5R. While it keeps all the benefits of the SR4, the SR5 received in standard two important features that cannot be mounted on the SR4 : Integral Floor Covering Adjustable Pedal 2D This go kart model is particularly well appreciated from track operators who want to offer some extra confort to theirs fleets of customers. Legs are protected with the Integral Floor Covering and every drivers can easily self adjust the distance to the pedals - enhancing the customer's experience. The fully enclosed tank allows the operator to keep potential gazoline projections (by refueling) away from the drivers environment. Customer satisfaction has never been so high ranked and the market trend to offer more services and confort fitts well this model.


Габариты & Вес

Complies with the regulatory provisions of directive «machinery» 2006/42/CE and satisfied the requirements of the following reference documents : NFS52-002 FFSA technical and safety rules for karting CIK-FIA recommendations for leisure karting Dimensions and weight Length (L) = 1914 mm Width (l) = 1332 mm Height (H) = 670 mm Height with roll-over bar (H1) = 1040 mm Height with roll-over bar (H2) = 890 mm Weight (Engine GX200) = 144 kg Weight (Engine GX270) = 153 kg Weight (Engine GX390) = 159 kg

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